Final Days

Composer & Sound Designer


Multiplayer mutant massacring mayhem! Final Days is an arcade-style co-op shooter where you battle endless hordes of mutants. As the hordes grow into the hundreds, work together with your team to survive the onslaught! 


Collateral Damage: Battle Over Tyzanite

Composer & Sound Design


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Collateral Damage is the first major game produced by Artisans Games. Collateral Damage is a hero arena brawler. Control unique robots as they fight over the last remaining resources of their crumbling planet.

Each robot has a unique personality and combat style. They fight for both individual and factional gain. Each robot is equipped with at least one melee weapon, and one ranged weapon. They use tactical skills to overcome opponents.

Currently working on all the sound effects and soundtrack for what is going to be a great multiplayer game.

Game Jams

A playlist of a few songs I managed to create for past years Global Game Jams - An exciting event where people from all over the world get together to create a games in 48 hours.

Rectifier - Rectify

A first person puzzle solving experience. Transmit power to a variety of machines to solve physics puzzles and make it to the ancient shrine atop the mountain. Players can pick up and move glowing power emitters, which can be used to power the various machines around the mysterious alien mountain. 

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ReCAPTIVE - AI Resilience

A recognition and response time skill tester designed to gauge the transmission speed of visual stimuli to the brain, created with the support of a prototype Neural Network called Jambot18.

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Double Agent - A Jazzy Mystery

Manage your agency from your control centre, transmitting orders to each of your agents. Assign agents to missions and try to figure out who is a double agent.

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Golem’s Wake - Theme!

Here’s a fun little resource game I developed the audio for. In Golem’s Wake, the player progressively create an army of Golem’s to defend their village and collect resources. These guardians are built and given life through rituals. The player must manage their own resources to create better Golem’s, defeat the slaver lizards, and awaken the biggest Golem of all.

Rebel Dancer - Ludum Dare #34

Cheesy Arcade style beat‘em up with dancing moves!

Unite kind rebels!
Dance heartless regime servants to death!

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Music Sound Designer and Other Stuff!