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composer & Audio Professional.

I find interesting ways to explore a developers story.I work alongside them to help craft an experience that can be shared though music, sound design & audio production.

After completing my Diploma of Audio Engineering I went straight on to experience life as a front of house & studio engineer while actively writing music.

Having always maintained an interest in original sound tracks and unique sound design it became apparent that it was time to turn to my passion of game audio. I have over 12 years experience in different fields in the world of creative audio which has allowed me to be committed to delivering creative solutions for games. 

Not only do I enjoy the creative aspect but the technical integration and cognitive effects that audio has the potential bring and to really push the boundaries of audio in interactive entertainment and I hope to support the industry with my technical background.

I love playing games (Which are needed for research, obviously) metal and I have also started to fall down the rabbit hole of modular synthesis but luckily I have two dogs, great friends and family to keep me grounded.

I look forward to creating with you!