Chris is a sound designer & audio engineer. After completing a diploma of audio engineering he had the fantastic opportunity to work as a front of house engineer for a number of years before working in a commercial recording studio.

Working with bands and artists to record and mix various releases, he has over 10 years experience in different fields in the world of creative audio. Having always maintained an interest in original sound tracks and unique sound design it became apparent that it was time to turn to his passion of game audio. It has allowed Chris to be committed to delivering creative solutions for game development utilizing his experience and knowledge of digital audio workstations, hardware and software.


Chris also has certifications in AV, Wwise & is currently working on Collateral Damage by Artisans Studios.

Not only does Chris enjoy the creative aspect but the technical integration and cognitive effects that audio has the potential to really push the boundaries of audio in interactive entertainment and hopes to support the industry with his technical background.